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Living.Fit Presents ֠Battle Ropes Lateral Vertical Waves

Aaron Guyett is our Master Battle Ropes Trainer for Living.Fit. Check out Battle Ropes Level 1 in order to learn how to use battle ropes for better workouts:

Battle Ropes generate physical and mental results unlike any other training tool in the world! Typically, we train with equipment that just amplifies the effects of gravity on our bodies to create muscular, nervous, and soft tissue development. But when we use Battle Ropes, we can harness its frequency (wave motions) to create new force loads that massively amplify results and allow for major innovation in training and program development.

Harnessing the fluctuating force flowing through ropes, you will find a wholly unique and effective training tool. The force through frequency of the Battle Ropes allows the user to develop a completely new realm of exercises and movement patterns to develop power, strength, endurance, efficiency, stability, mobility, and the list goes on. The goal of Level 1 is to prepare you for Battle Ropes Level 2 and beyond where you encounter 100’s of different movements and programs for specific goals like building cardio and muscle or how to run a boot camp with battle ropes.

Level 1 Includes:

9 FAQ’s about Battle Ropes
How do You Build Strength
How do You Burn Fat
What do Battle Ropes do?
20 + Benefits of Battle Rope Training
Assessment of Knowledge
In this E-Book you’ll dive deep into the following benefits:
About Aaron Guyett, Living.Fit Battle Ropes Master Coach
Metabolic Pathway/Energy System Quick Reference
Why Battle Ropes?
Why Living.Fit Battle Ropes Certifications and Education?
Who is this Manual and Education For?
Where to Start? What Size and Weight?
Anatomy of a Battle Rope
Ensuring Safe Training
A Few Exercises
An Example 4 Week Program with Battle Ropes
The Challenges You Might Face and How To Overcome Them
Motivation to Get Started Immediately
Where Do You Go From Here?
Join the limitless options of the Battle Ropes by enjoying this cutting edge E-Book, and as always, make your Next One your Best One!

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